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Fourth Transnational Meeting Hungary

Dates: 1st– 2nd March 2018

Location: CSMKIK - HU

The Fourth project meeting for the InnCommerce project took place in Hungary in March 2018. The following topics were covered:

Intellectual Output 4: Collection of Best Practices

  • Overview and update on Collection of Best Practices including a summary of each best practice collected by all partners
  • Presentation on subjects researched for best practices compendium:
  • Compendium peer review
  • Testing and refinement
  • Work plan and deadlines for next activities

Intellectual Output 2: Gamification strategy and interactive content

  • E-Learning Platform
  • Interactive content: quizzes and games
  • Update on Gamification platform
  • Presentation of working gamification platform
  • Review of quizzes and exercises
  • Technical report on progress of IO2 and requirements
  • Workshop to initially test the platform in each partner language. (this is an opportunity for all partners to test together and provide feedback and discussions

Intellectual Output 3: Guidelines for SMEs and VET providers

  • Guidelines for SMEs
  • Guidelines for VET providers
  • Review of work plan for IO3
  • Discussion on structure of handbooks  for SMEs
  • Discussion on structure of guidebook for VET
  • Workplan and methodology