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Inn-Commerce: Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs?Innovation

Intellectual Output 1

Curriculum and learning content

INN-COMMERCE curriculum is the main methodological document used for developing learning content. Its structure includes:

1. Course overview, which :- spotlights the problem of commercialization of innovation by young SMEs;- explains in what way the training programme is tailored to their needs;- describes how it can improve knowledge and skills in marketing innovative products and services, thus enhancing the chances of successful commercialization of innovation.

2. Broad learning objectives covering all module specific intended learning outcomes (ILOs).

3. Course methodology, providing insights into approaches underlying the development of training programme: - Competence based approach to curriculum development (alignment with EQF and ECVET; inner alignment of the programme components, based on J. Biggs theory);- Practice oriented approach to content development;- Gamification approach to learning design (with reference to O2 Gamification strategy).

4. Course structure, which :- introduces learning blocks/ modules constituting the training programme;- provides short descriptions, ILOs and workload for each block/ module.

5. Learning activities for self-paced and trainer guided learning.

6. Technical specifications explaining how the curriculum and learning content are incorporated on the e-learning platform (O2).


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