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Inn-Commerce: Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs?Innovation

Intellectual Output 4

Collection of best practices

Best practice is defined as a method, technique, or process which describes the most effective and efficient way to accomplish a desired outcome. Through experience and research, best practice proves to have sustainable impact on organization’s performance and to be transferable to various contexts.

The project team will collect best practices from successful SMEs in all partner countries and present the results in a compendium. The compendium will include the following sections:

  1. Preface Aim: introduce the structure of the compendium and its objective
  2. Commercialization of innovation: criteria of successAim: identify criteria for successful commercialization of innovation
  3. Methodology: collecting and documenting best practicesAim: explain methods and procedures the project uses for collecting and documenting best practices
  4. Best practices: real-life examples from SMEsAim: provide best practices of successful commercialization of innovation by SMEs 
  5. Conclusion Aim: summarize the lessons learned from the analysis of best practices and suggest ways for young SMEs to apply them to their practice


Click below to view or download the Collection of best practices:

United Kingdom - Download  -  View Online
Hungary - Download -  View Online
Bulgaria - Download - View Online
Finland - Download - View Online
Poland - Download -  View Online
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