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Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TRI; short name: Tecnalia) is the leading private, non-profit and independent research and technology entity in Spain and one of the largest in Europe employing 1 434 staff people, 202 PhD holders and 29 nationalities.
Tecnalia is organized by markets, including industry and transport, information and communication technologies, construction, energy and environment, innovation strategies, health and quality of life. Tecnalia has been very active in FP7, participating up to June 2013 in 353 projects and coordinating 76 of them. In the first year of Horizon 2020 Programme Tecnalia has won 42 projects, led 7 and hired 15.1 million euros with a turnover in 2014 of 99.4 million euros and a positive cash flow of 1.7 million. In 2014 Tecnalia applied for 29 new patents, which means TRI now has a portfolio of 308 active patents, distributed into 88 families.

Tecnalia, the University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV), and Donostia International Physics Centre (DISC) are the founding members of Euskampus ( - a project which attained the qualification of International Campus of Excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2010). The Technology and Society Area, involved in this project, is focused on Education and Technology projects, by:

  • Collaborating with TKNIKA (centre for investigation and applied innovation in VET to 1) enhance the quality and relevance of learning in VET; 2) reinforce links between the youth field and the world of work by defining the jobs of the future. They signed a collaboration agreement in 2014.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship education to develop employability and new business creation for youth, through the Team Academy Euskadi: a Studies Centre developed as a learning and experimentation laboratory created around the concept of innovating leadership engaged in creation of teams of entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborating with Euskampus Foundation, a public-private alliance (University of the Basque Country, Tecnalia, University of Burdeaux and Donostia International Physics Center) based on knowledge, technology, innovation and internationalisation, and above all on people, their capacity to innovate, creativity and social responsibility.

Tecnalia has broad experience in Erasmus+ and Lifelong Learning Programme leading and participating in several projects in adult and higher education: Digicom/Youth, YouthEmploy, HELP, i-Treasure, Babelium, LogiCAD, ICT Ways, Apinno or Get Yoursef into IT.