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SAN is a private University situated in the third biggest city in Poland. SAN was established by the Association of Polish Educators in January 1995. Currently there are ca. 20 thousand students enrolled in the Academy. The yearly turnover of the University is about 17 mln Euro. There are 20 departments, including International Relations and International Business Management. SAN offers PhD, MA and BA studies, post-graduate courses as well as specialized training courses on daily, evening and weekend and extramural basis. SAN is also very active in scientific research, organisation of national and international conferences and publishing scientific book.

SAN has a special unit - Polish Open Academy - responsible for developing and providing e-learning courses. SAN uses Moddle platform as an e-learning environment. The University is experienced in developing e-learning courses in a variety of fields.
The university employs top class academic staff and renowned practitioners and specialists to provide high quality study programmes in both Polish and English languages. Educational programmes reflect the needs of the rapidly changing world.
SAN cooperates with more than 30 universities abroad. Since 2004, on the basis of bilateral agreement between SAN and Clark University (USA), a range of degree programs delivered in English has been offered in ??ód?? and Warsaw. Cooperation between these universities has become an excellent example of a Polish-American transfer of knowledge and skills both on academic level and on the institutional arena.

For several years, SAN has offered dual degree MBA program with Clark University. The MBA program is designed for management professionals and specialists who wish to expand their qualifications through developing managerial competence and skills. The program guarantees both wide and specialized management knowledge in the fields of communication, marketing, information technology systems and healthcare. 

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Research Institute (EEDRI) is an independent research unit operating at the Lodz AM since 2004. The Institute focuses on applied research in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and support policy for small and medium-sized enterprises. The undertaken research aims to increase the economic competitiveness of the Lodz region through fostering innovation performance of local SMEs.Since June 2005, EEDRI has been the sole representative of Polish scientific institutions dealing with economic research, and particularly of those addressing issues of SMEs in the European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR).

The interest in INN-COMMERCE project also derives from the activities implemented in SAN’s Academic Incubator. The incubator aims to help young people, who have opened their own company and still need business support and consultation. INN-COMMERCE project will provide necessary training resources that will be used in the incubator’s consulting services.

Since 2005 at SAN a specialized Fundraising Department has been established entirely responsible for development and management of EU projects. Since then, the experts from the department have been involved in more than 60 projects.