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VAMK, Finland

Address: Wolffintie 30


Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) offers education in technology, economics, international business, health care and social services. It focuses on the energy sector and combines entrepreneurship with internationalism. VAMK has 3300 students, 280 professors and lecturers, and other staff. VAMK is a non-profit higher education institution.

The Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA is a design research and development centre of VAMK. It has a cooperation agreement with Aalto University (Aalto) and University of Vaasa (UVA). Aalto provides multidisciplinary education and research in art and design, economics, technology. UVA provides administrative-business sciences, languages, communication, technology, management, energy.

Muova’s team is formed of experts in marketing, branding, design and communication. It has developed expertise in brand and design management, creativity and innovation, user-centeredness, design and product conceptualization and envisioning, service design. Muova also specializes in digital formats and virtual environments.

Muova promotes international competitiveness of companies especially SMEs, runs applied research and creates innovative methods using creativity and design. Muova specializes in solving company problems and fulfilling needs of the business world. It has executed hundreds of company projects, including those for SMEs. Companies are always involved in research projects. Thus, Muova has created a strong ground level connection with different enterprises.

Muova employs design methods and innovation in its projects and activities. This is also applied to learning, e.g. virtual creative learning environments and multidisciplinary - transversal teaching to VAMK’s students within courses. Muova provides learning materials based on creativity and design thinking and delivers design related training to engineering students of VAMK. Muova has provided educational solutions where design thinking, design principles, creativity and innovation have been transferred to other sectors.