The Project The Inn-Commerce Project Details

Inn-Commerce: Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs?Innovation

Results & Outcomes

IO1: Curriculum and learning content Inn-COMMERCE curriculum is the the main methodological document for used for the developing learning content. 

IO2: Gamification strategy and interactive content
 –  Gamification Strategy is the document guiding the creation of gamified learning system, including e-learning platform and interactive game-like exercises. 

IO3: Guidelines for SMEs and VET providers - Guidelines for SMEs and VET providers were prepared after Output 1 and Output 2 were developed. They have a purpose to explain the nature of INN-COMMERCE training materials and to encourage learners and trainers to use them.

IO4: Collection of best practices- collecting SMEs’ best practices in applying marketing strategies for successful commercialization of innovative products and services.