The Project The Inn-Commerce Project Details

Inn-Commerce: Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs?Innovation

Cross-linked projects

Please find below a lsit of cross-linked projects:

Pathways for Employ
The project pays a special attention to the recognition and validation of skills and qualifications: taking the DIGCOMP framework as reference (launched by JRC-IPTS), the project purpose is to ensure that skills and qualifications can be more easily recognized, especially emphasizing the importance of digital learning.

Digicom Youth
DIGCOMP, presents a detailed framework for the development of digital competence. As such, makes synergy with the InnCommerce project.

InnoSpark – Sparking Creativity and Innovation Skills in the ICT sector
The aim of the InnoSpark project is to boost skills related to innovation and creativity in the ICT sector. As its’ direct target are apart from ICT professionals the C-VET providers, it makes perfect synergy with the InnCommerce project not just in terms of the involved target groups, but also in terms of the main topic of innovation elaborated by both projects.

Play for Guidance
The Play4Guidance (P4G) project introduces an innovative Business Game with the aim to train and guide students and young unemployed on entrepreneurial, transversal and mathematical skills.

The project “Towards a More Innovative Workplace” (InnoWork) under the ERASMUS+ Programme gathers 7 partners from 6 EU countries with the purpose of creating a more innovation-friendly environment for EU micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and increasing their business adaptability by providing the necessary training support. The project’s target groups are SMEs and VET providers, just as in case of InnCommerce, and the topic of innovation is also a mutual aspect.

To provide European SMEs with a fully documented training material in creativity and innovation management.